In a plague-ravaged world in the not-too-distant future, Vann Arnett believes he may be the last unaffected survivor in a city populated by bloodthirsty monsters.

During the daylight hours he struggles to survive, mourning the loss of his wife and daughter 18 months earlier, while at night he fights to keep his sanity. Safe behind the walls of his fortified stronghold, he endures the nighttime torment of the Kindred, the affected survivors who have mutated into vampire-like creatures that seek to destroy him.

Vann longs for human contact, and a chance daytime encounter with an affected survivor–a young woman who isn’t part of the Kindred–not only revives his sense of hope but forces him to reevaluate his beliefs about the supposedly nocturnal creatures. That carefully structured routine, one that keeps him safe in a world of where he is surrounded by walking nightmares, is further disrupted when a group of heavily armed uninfected survivors rolls into the city.

Are they a sign the world is righting itself or just the last brutal spasms of humanity’s death throes?

Before he can come to grips with the implications of these two events, matters quickly and savagely go awry and spiral out of control. The situation escalates rapidly and soon becomes a desperate life-and-death battle between Vann with the other unaffected survivors and the Kindred.

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