Michael Wentela has been a writer for all his life. Over the past three decades, he has been an award-winning journalist, a communication specialist whose work was featured in regional, national and international publications, and an economic development professional who created hundreds of promotional materials. Michael presently works as a technical product support specialist for a Fortune 500 company. He also lists among his paid endeavors and life lessons the time he spent cleaning a Laundromat, clearing brush from a mosquito-infested swamp, helping to build wooden steps to a bluff-top overlook and digging graves in a cemetery.

Michael’s writing ranges from novels to short stories in science fiction, horror, crime fiction, mystery, thriller, or whatever idea sparks his creativity. The desire to write blossomed in junior high school with hand-written short stories in school notebooks and continues to this day, although usually not in school notebooks.

Fallen is Babylon, a post-apocalyptic science fiction story from Grey Gecko Press, is his debut novel. Michael is currently at work on a number of different manuscripts, including stories set in the near-future world created in Fallen is Babylon.

He is an avid photographer and rides hundreds of miles on his bicycle throughout the year, which probably explains the mediocre golf scores. Michael is also a voracious reader of fiction and non-fiction works. In addition, he also enjoys discovering new restaurants, wineries and brew pubs.

Born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Michael and his wife, Stephanie, now live in a century-old house in southwest Wisconsin with two purebred Irish setters and two cats. They have two adult children.